Operational Staff

Protect and empower your team, ensure they are always compliant and equipped with access to accurate information, and able to share instant updates with their manager.


Ensure your fleet, plant and equipment is always available and safe to use. Use smart notifications to aid your maintenance requirements.


Eliminate the unproductive admin burden, delays and inaccuracies associated with paper based systems, use electronic data capture forms to drive best practice.

Data Analytics

Release the power of the information you hold within your business. Let Ctrl Hub collect and sort your data allowing you to make better informed decisions.

Health and Wellbeing

Receive real time updates on your team allowing you to manage their health and wellbeing effectively, provide online resources and a direct link to support networks.

Bulletproof Audits

Secure capture and storage of real time and historic compliance data ensures bullet proof audit trails supporting accreditations or incident investigations.

See who benefits


Ctrl Hub lets you know about all of your assets in an instant; see how they perform by looking at individual departments without waiting for individual reports. Remotely manage Project Managers and Team Leaders and have peace of mind, knowing your operation is safe and compliant.


As the client, you have full transparency through the supply chain, from the sub-contractor’s insurance cover down to the expiry date of a hard hat. The enhanced monitoring system of Ctrl Hub drives best practice and productivity, offering significant reduction in administration time and head count.

Project Managers

Ctrl Hub is automated and reminds you when anything requires renewal. Plan and track where your contractors are and be sure that certifications are up to date. Instead of shuffling paperwork, your people can focus on what they do best. Ensure your project is on schedule and within budget.

Regulatory Bodies

Inspectors turning up on site or at premises can obtain instant verification of an operative’s identity, training records and qualifications to carry out the specific task at hand. Clients can eliminate the risk of non-compliance, and significantly reduce the likelihood of legal action or penalty.

Team Leaders

Our paperless system means all mandatory documents and manuals are in the palm of your hand. All employees, vehicles and equipment can be assigned and monitored with ease and precision. With immediate access to emergency information in case of an incident, you can instantly respond.


Ctrl Hub has been specifically designed with the on-site operative in mind. Touch screen completion and submission of forms, instant access to manuals, plans and other reference materials allow operatives to get on with their on-site role.

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