Operating across multiple locations, assets and teams can be extremely challenging. Field based teams need to be able to compile and share data that is gathered out in the field in a smart, easy and safe way. Whether you are operating in the utility, construction, field services, engineering, manufacturing, facilities management or public sectors, making better use of data and sharing this information in real-time across management, compliance and back office functions is vital to ensure more efficient operations. Here we share a few top tips that may help you along your journey towards a paperless way of working:

  1. Choose your Software Platform: Do your research and engage with potential vendors. Make sure you have system demonstrations and trials to help you in your decision making. Don’t assume that the big brand names will give you what you want. Scalable and agile systems will give you what you need at a much lower cost!
  2. Streamline and Organise: Use this opportunity to map out your existing processes and identify opportunities to streamline and remove any unnecessary steps. This may be a painstaking exercise however it will make your business more efficient and will set you up nicely to transfer to digital!
  3. Engage your Users: Speak with your employees to understand the issues they are facing on a daily basis regarding current systems and processes and ask them to suggest ways to improve. If you engage people in the development process and take on their ideas, then this will lead to better engagement going forward.
  4. Don’t Fear the Change: Moving to digital can be a daunting prospect. If you understand your requirements and have done your homework on your software of choice, then embrace the change and feel confident that the outcome will improve your business.
  5. Review and Reflect: Evaluating the success of the project is a vital step. Ask questions such as; How much time and money did we save with this new approach? What do people like and dislike? Does it improve our customer service? Does it make people’s lives easier?

Digitising your business processes and systems is not an easy process, we understand that. If you follow our top tips this will help you along the way to ensuring you make the right decisions and reduce business disruption during the implementation phase. If you would like to know more about how Ctrl Hub can support your business transformation processes then please get in touch with a member of the team.