Manage your fleet, equipment and inventory

Fleet, equipment and inventory can be assigned to teams or individuals, and to projects, allowing risks and costs to be monitored and managed by the right persons.  Ctrl Hub integrates seamlessly with tracking equipment to provide an even greater assurance solution.

Risk Mitigation

Accountability for vehicles, plant and equipment results in a significant reduction in damaged or missing items. Ensure that all assets remain properly serviced, maintained and insured to avoid costly legal and reputational liability should an incident occur.


Improved service and maintenance of plant and vehicles leads to less downtime. Maintenance schedules can be tracked and planned on Ctrl Hub, both for internal and external resource.


Ctrl Hub provides a simple and effective fleet and asset management platform that gives at a glance confirmation that all your assets are property maintained, certified and insured.

Who benefits?

Field Based Teams

Receive reliable and relevant notifications from managers and connect with other team members by sharing notes, documents and photos. Smart forms ensure completion and the capture of key in-field data.

Project & Site Managers

View live progress and completion of jobs on numerous projects at the same time. Monitor individuals and teams, onsite tools and vehicles and ensure all regulatory and procedural requirements are met.

Health & Safety

Take a proactive approach to health and safety management in your organisation and supply chain. Manage competency and compliance across your operations. Demonstrate genuine commitment to the safety and wellbeing of your staff, and best practice to regulatory bodies. Ctrl Hub provides a full audit trail that can be easily accessed in the event of an incident or investigation.

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