Delivering projects without fuss

Projects, sub-projects and tasks are simple to create and customise.  Ctrl Hub integrates seamlessly with other modules to allow operatives, teams and assets to be assigned; data captured and stored, and management information generated.

Risk Mitigation

The platform provides an instantly accessible snapshot of risk across the operatives, equipment and tasks assigned to a particular project. Project packs and documentation are updated and shared in real time, ensuring all parties are working on a fully aligned basis.


Ctrl Hub provides a real time overview of a project’s process, highlighting approaching deadlines and overdue actions. Electronic project packs, form submissions, data capture and document management provide streamlined interaction between back office and the field.


The project governance module is arguably Ctrl Hub’s most effective weapon. It provides clients with enormous time saving efficiencies across multiple departments, and reduces risk in a number of critical areas. It provides paperless working and instant access to key data.

Who benefits?

Field Based Teams

Receive reliable and relevant notifications from managers and connect with other team members by sharing notes, documents and photos. Smart forms ensure completion and the capture of key in-field data.

Project & Site Managers

View live progress and completion of jobs on numerous projects at the same time. Monitor individuals and teams, onsite tools and vehicles and ensure all regulatory and procedural requirements are met.

Health & Safety

Take a proactive approach to health and safety management in your organisation and supply chain. Manage competency and compliance across your operations. Demonstrate genuine commitment to the safety and wellbeing of your staff, and best practice to regulatory bodies. Ctrl Hub provides a full audit trail that can be easily accessed in the event of an incident or investigation.

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