Take control of your business

Ctrl Hub reduces administrative burden and improves productivity across all levels of a business. It automates processes related to people, plant, equipment, vehicles and health and safety, as well as providing full transparency of the supply chain.

HR Teams

Ctrl Hub stores and monitors training and HR information for your own employees, as well as sub-contract labour. Managers are notified when team members need further training, renewal of certificates or simply that they are qualified for their role within the project. Securely store information in line with Data Protection legislation.

Project & Site Managers

View live progress and completion of jobs on numerous projects at the same time. Monitor individuals and teams, onsite tools and vehicles and ensure all regulatory and procedural requirements are met.

Senior Management

Ctrl Hub allows Managers and Directors full transparency on individual projects, workforce, assets, risk mitigation and much more. Its traffic light notification system gives at a glance, instant confirmation of any issues that need to be addressed. Data captured in the field can be fed directly into management reporting information.

Field Based Teams

Receive reliable and relevant notifications from managers and connect with other team members by sharing notes, documents and photos. Smart forms ensure proper completion, and the capture of key in-field data.

Operations & Admin

No more time wasted manually inputting information into databases, locating photocopies and documents or querying and correcting illegible forms. Ctrl Hub is communicative, instant and secure. It provides instant access to operative, asset and project information.

Health & Safety

Take a proactive approach to health and safety management in your organisation and supply chain. Manage competency and compliance across your operations. Demonstrate genuine commitment to the safety and wellbeing of your staff, and best practice to regulatory bodies. Ctrl Hub provides a full audit trail that can be easily accessed in the event of an incident or investigation.

No Limits

In reality, Ctrl Hub’s application is not limited to a specific sector or industry as it offers such a wide ranging and customisable solution. Any business which runs people, assets or projects, will benefit.

Energy and Utilities

Our simple and intuitive platform allows management of operatives and sub-contractors, providing a smart solution for in-field data capture that gives real time compliance, management and regulatory information.

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Oil and Gas

Effective competency and process management mitigates the danger of high risk operations. Ctrl Hub can be integrated with other software to provide a seamless approach and allow data to be shared.

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Reduce the vast amount of risk to which your business is exposed each day. Ensure the smooth running of projects, contractors and compliance. Central administrative functionality drives huge efficiencies.

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Mitigate uncertain market conditions and supply chain risk, through proactive management of your staff, assets and processes. Generate considerable business efficiencies while reducing internal risks.

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Facilities and Asset Management

Ensure that your staff and sub-contractors are working from the most up to date asset information, following the prescribed procedures, giving you real time assurance and invaluable management information.

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