Mobile and accessible

Field based operatives’ access and operate Ctrl Hub remotely via tablets or smart devices giving them instant access to information relating to assets, maintenance schedules, work instructions, reference documents and electronic data collection forms – even when working offline.

Risk mitigation

Ensure that field and mobile workers, have everything to hand to enable them to safely complete tasks or provide key on site information to clients, managers or inspectors. Our mobile application is available offline, avoiding delays and disruption in remote or poor connection areas.


From the outset we have developed and delivered Ctrl Hub with field operatives specifically in mind. The system is intuitive, using touch screen technology and drop down menus to facilitate quick and effective completion of forms, freeing up operatives to perform tasks rather than paperwork.


Ctrl Hub seamlessly connects mobile field operations directly to management, compliance and back office support functions. Technology will not deliver for a business unless it has the buy-in of its users, and we take great pride in the level of engagement we have from our front line users.

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