Centralised and effective

Ctrl Hub provides a centralised document, employee and competence management system for all key workforce information, including qualifications and training records. It also holds your policies and procedures, making them instantly available for your staff to view whenever required.

Risk mitigation

Secure storage of emergency contact details, medical conditions, qualifications, training records, appraisals and more. Inductions, toolbox talks and training sessions can be delivered via the platform, acknowledged and stored against employees’ personal records.


Employees can gain instant access to key company policies and other reference information whenever needed, without time wasted calling the office or searching through reams of paper. We can develop processes and workflows to simplify processes and achieve required outcomes.


Ctrl Hub’s simple to use interface provides an extremely cost effective HR system for employees at all levels of your organisation. Information is securely held and sensitive data is locked down in accordance with data protection legislation.

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