Digitisation will set you free

Projects can be properly planned and resources allocated using Ctrl Hub’s various modules. Work instructions and updates can be despatched instantaneously to remote teams out in the field. Further to this, the information submitted in the field is instantly available to operations and admin staff.

Risk mitigation

Say goodbye to incomplete paper trails and lost documentation, and the legal and compliance risks that they bring. Ctrl Hub provides a single, real time line of communication for transmitting and receiving critical information to and from the field.


Ctrl Hub generates huge efficiencies through the reduction of non-revenue generating admin time. Information is instantly accessible across people, assets and projects, significantly reducing time spent searching through paper records and providing photocopies.


Our Software as a Service platform removes the hassle, in addition to risk and inefficiency. We carry out all hosting, maintenance, updates and upgrades to the system as part of your subscription – to avoid disruption to your business.

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