Give your managers the tools for the job

Ctrl Hub offers an array of invaluable tools for project and site managers. It provides instant information on the resource assigned to a project, as well as the documentation, timetable and processes required to successfully deliver the project – capturing and feeding back crucial real time data.

Risk mitigation

Ctrl Hub gives your project and site managers instant access to critical health and safety information on operatives and sub-contractors alike, as well as on assets and projects. Our platform provides an audit trail of every action taken within Ctrl Hub, which can be invaluable in the event of any incident or investigation.


Managers can view progress on projects and specific tasks from their desk, viewing photographs, videos and other key information from their laptop, and providing remote feedback and approvals. Avoid delays caused by working from out of date job information.


Ctrl Hub’s modules combine to provide managers with a powerful platform that drives performance in your organisation’s engine room. Projects and tasks can be managed in a safe and timely manner, to ensure delivery on time and within budget.

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