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People can make mistakes and accidents can happen, and it is the senior management who can bear the ultimate responsibility for glitches in procedures if investigation occurs. Ctrl Hub can offer you significant protection, while delivering a huge return on investment in showing you clearly where mishaps originate, allowing you to identify and resolve any issues quickly.

Risk mitigation

Our customisable dashboard gives you instant and real time information, at your desk, on a wide range of risk areas, allowing you to target key areas and identify responsible managers. Automated workflows, reminders and emails provide effective mitigation against human error.


Data captured in the system is automatically fed back in real time, delivered in Ctrl Hub’s own reports or packaged up into external business information suites. Ctrl Hub was built to offer cost efficiencies that greatly outweigh its subscription costs. Software should be an asset, not a liability.


Ctrl Hub’s modular platform provides a high level of customisation that is designed to fit round the precise needs of your business, integrating with your other software where required. We deliver agile and powerful performance, at an extremely competitive price.

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