Intuitive and powerful features

Our platform is extremely powerful, with a range of features to suit your business’s requirements.

Project Management

View live progress and completion of jobs on numerous projects at the same time. Monitor individuals and teams, onsite tools and vehicles and ensure all regulations and procedures are met.

Asset Management

Fleet, equipment and inventory can be assigned to teams or individuals, and to projects, allowing risks and costs to be monitored and managed by the right persons.

Field/Site Data Capture

Ctrl Hub’s field / site data capture module seamlessly integrates with projects, workforce and asset modules, to process and store information automatically against sites, tasks, operatives and assets.

Workforce Management

Ctrl Hub’s workforce management module allows you to see a real time snapshot of health and safety compliance and risk status across your operatives and on a project by project basis.

Calendar and Scheduling

The calendar and scheduling module directly ties in with other modules to provide clear, visual confirmation of deadlines, appointments and expiring qualifications and certifications.

Management Information

Ctrl Hub provides executives and directors with full transparency on individual projects, workers, assets, risks and more. It monitors performance and highlights areas of risk.

Take control of your business

Proactively manage your business, instead of reacting to issues as they arise. Identify and eradicate inefficiencies and risks. Get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

Customisable & Modular

Ctrl Hub can be specifically designed and developed to suit your business needs, increasing productivity. Too many businesses are forced to adapt to off the shelf software products.

Easy Implementation

We will effectively integrate Ctrl Hub into your business's workflow and any existing software, minimising disruption. We offer a business process consultancy, on-hand to provide a full end to end service.

Cloud Based

There are many reasons why businesses are moving to cloud based software. These include cost, flexibility, accessibility, security and risk mitigation. Ctrl Hub provides a fully hosted and managed service.

A modular approach to suit your business

Ctrl Hub provides paperless working, full visibility of real-time data, instant reporting and analytics to provide transparency and a risk-based assessment of business operations.

An adaptable and scalable modular platform, Ctrl Hub can be developed to meet your requirements,  from our standard teams, forms and asset-focused modules to bespoke functionality and forms designed specifically around your needs.


Schedule training, projects and tasks. Easy to use, at a glance confirmation, allows for proactive management.


Create projects in minutes, allocate teams, set responsibilities and sub-tasks. All information is stored in one place.


Proactively manage the training and competency levels of your workforce. Provide the safest environment possible.

Shared Folders

The document management system can be used for HR management, project information, toolbox talks and more.


Create, allocate and schedule tasks. Monitor progress and send/receive email updates as and when required.