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Project Governance

The project governance feature gives owners and managers complete control and visibility, providing operatives access to all the information and tools they need to safely perform, on a project by project or site by site basis.
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Explore the key challenges businesses typically face when managing project governance and the solutions Ctrl Hub provides.

Project Governance is a unique Ctrl Hub feature, tying in risk, compliance and efficiency across your entire business operation. It allows you to set up and manage your entire basket of work, in a manner that suits your business.

Storage of Job Information 

Workers in the field having to carry vast amounts of paperwork (such as site drawings, policies, procedures, codes of practice) to each job, and to have to hunt through the pile of paperwork each time in order to find specific documents.

Ctrl Hub allows for the electronic storage of all relevant information and documentation assigned to each site, indexed and easily accessible on workers’ electronic devices whenever needed. 

Missing Documentation

Paper documents missing from the job pack, rendering jobs unsafe to work, and requiring someone to drive back to the office to pick up a replacement.

Ctrl Hub allows for any missing information can be dragged and dropped into the relevant folder, updated in real time, and avoiding costly missed time on site.

Access to Job Information

Operatives having to log in to multiple platforms throughout the course of a day in order to view project or site information, or record data. 

Ctrl Hub allows operatives to access all job critical information on one, simple to use platform, using the same platform to capture data which is then processed seamlessly in the office.

Information on Multiple Platforms

The use of multiple different software platforms in the back office to manage the various components of a project - people, tasks, data capture, health, project planning.

Ctrl Hub is one integrated platform, reducing expenditure on various unconnected apps, managing multiple aspects of a project.

Allocation and Visibility of Resources 

Lack of visibility as to the location of teams, operatives, vehicles and equipment.

Ctrl Hub provides the ability to assign resources - people and assets - to projects, sites and tasks at the click of a button, and for all relevant stakeholders to be able to see where resource is allocated.

Monitoring Project Risk

No ability to see or manage risk on a project wide basis, having to resort to multiple data sources to ascertain compliance of the people or assets on that project.

Ctrl Hub provides an holistic view of risk and compliance on each individual project, shown on a RAG traffic light basis and through project hierarchy diagrams.

Errors Due to Incorrect Documentation

People working from different or out of date documentation on the same job, causing costly errors to be made and leading to potential claims.

Ctrl Hub is a central repository of all documentation relevant to the project, a single source of information. The platform shows when documents are updated, who updated them, providing a full audit trail of actions.

Time Consuming Issues with Information Access

Collation and storage of all relevant information and forms at the end of a project is time consuming and expensive - not to mention difficult to search against for specific items and records.

Ctrl Hub stores all project information and all data capture forms submitted against the relevant project. Upon completion of the project, a full pack is available to be stored electronically and/or downloaded and sent elsewhere.
Seamless Integration

The Project Governance feature integrates with other Ctrl Hub tools for maximum effectiveness.

  • Assign operatives and teams to projects / sites
  • Assign vehicles and assets to projects / sites
  • Assign specific data capture forms and processes to projects / sites
  • View and manage risk status on a project / site with regard to any resources assigned to it
  • View and toggle projects / sites on dashboard view
  • Reporting across a whole range of metrics  
  • Each project / site has its own specific document management area, in addition to the main document management area of your platform
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Benefits of Ctrl Hub

The nuts and bolts of how we aid your digital transformation.

No fuss, just straightforward benefits that amplify your workflow. Let's break it down so you can see the Ctrl Hub difference in action.


Comprehensive Functionality

Multiple apps worth of functionality, rolled into one simple to use platform. Manage people, fleet, equipment, projects, sites, and more - with full oversight of risk and compliance across your business.


Digitised Processes

Streamline your processes with electronic data capture forms, with customised workflows sitting behind each form, ensuring that data is processed, approved, registered - and transmitted onwards if necessary - in line with your specific business requirements.


Real Time

Live dashboard overview of current risk statuses of people, equipment, fleet and projects/sites. Obtain an instant, real time overview of risk across your business from one screen.


Cost Effective

On average, the cost of using Ctrl Hub equates to between 5% and 25% of the measurable savings that the platform generates - this excludes non-quantifiable savings such as fines or reputational damage.


Seamless Integration

Through API links, the platform fits in into your existing technology infrastructure, acting as a central hub for multiple data channels, allowing data to be viewed from one place.



Actively and efficiently manage your ISO certifications in conjunction with your every day business activities. Store and manage your policies and procedures, qualifications and training, set up forms and workflows, capture data, then analyse and make improvements.


Ease Of Use

Ctrl Hub was built from the ground up by industry professionals, with field based user experience absolutely key to ensure buy in. It takes less than 20 minutes to train operatives how to use the platform.


Of Data

Ctrl Hub use is based on role based permissions and linked organisations, meaning that users only see what is relevant to their job, and can only perform the tasks / functions which are assigned to them.

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What our clients and trusted partners say about us...

Office worker at desk smiling positively using computer software



Would like to say a very big thank you to you and all those...
I have been involved with during my involvement with Ctrl Hub. It hasn’t been smooth sailing, but Ctrl Hub have helped with all the problems and queries that we encountered when first using the platform. I hope that this interaction continues going forward.

Northern Gas Networks


The communication from Ctrl Hub is excellent...
We received continuous updates on any ongoing developments. Any queries we have are dealt with quickly and always available for advice.

Network Plus


Within my role as Application Support for Network Plus...
I work directly with teams using Ctrl Hub out in the field every day. The Ctrl Hub team have always been on hand to solve any problem, no matter how big or small, either via phone/email or reporting the problem. They responded promptly, in a way that I / teams could understand which really helped me out in my role, as any minor delay could have a major impact on the works!
Connor Cassidy
Application Support



We had an urgent need to upload some survey documents to Ctrl Hub...
Unfortunately, there was no bulk upload facility to allow this to happen. I’d very much like to thank the Ctrl Hub team for coming to our aid, going above and beyond the Cadent/Ctrl Hub contractual remit, and speedily supporting us with uploading our documents.



I use Ctrl Hub for the majority of my role...
If any issues arise I report the problem and get a response quickly with a fix or an update. The team at Ctrl Hub is always efficient and helpful in assisting with any problems.

G&B Civil Engineering Limited


As managing director of the company, I can now see an overview...
of compliance across the entire organisation - people, fleet, equipment, projects - from one dashboard. My managers have that same view. That is a huge weight off my shoulders, enabling me to clearly focus on the job at hand.
James Riley
Managing Director

Network Plus


We have a constant point of contact who is able to help...
and complete all requests without any hesitation. Requests from my side can be as simple as moving a staff member to undertake large updates of forms and how data is logged. Ctrl Hub has worked fantastically well for the logging of data and has become a fantastic asset to myself and Network Plus for training compliance and the ability to validate that safety is being met.
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Contact us today to arrange a demo and learn more about how Ctrl Hub can help transform your business.