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Digital Transformation

In today's digital age, businesses need to constantly evolve and adapt to new technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Ctrl Hub provides a fully integrated solution that puts all of your data in one place. Start your business' digital transformation today.

A cloud-based solution designed to digitise your operations.

Digital Transformation
Digital transformation has become essential for businesses to remain relevant, competitive, and efficient in the modern marketplace. 

It involves using technology to streamline business processes, improve customer experience, and enhance the overall operations of a company.

At Ctrl Hub, we provide our clients with a versatile software platform that enables you to digitise a number of different areas of your business. We have been involved in many projects where we have worked with all levels of the business from start to finish, to help them implement technology.

Sage, the global accountancy and payroll software company, carried out a major survey of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the UK in 2022. The results are extremely insightful. Download the report here.

Adopting New Technology

Use of technology by small and medium businesses (SMBs) contributes £216 billion to the UK economy; but if SMBs unlock the full benefits of technology, this could add an extra £232 billion, boosting the value of tech use to the UK economy by almost double to £448 billion annually.

Relating that back on a business to business level, imagine being able to double the output or effectiveness of your business through adoption of technology?

A Cost Effective Solution

92% of businesses see technology as critical to their survival, but worry about lack of capital, knowing where to invest and not having the right policy framework to enable economic growth. Here at Ctrl Hub, we can help you digitally transform your business. It is nowhere near as difficult, or as costly, as you might think.

The most significant barrier is cost, with 41%of SMBs concerned about adopting new tech due to cash flow pressure and 24% unsure of the return on investment. Ctrl Hub offers a very cost effective solution with clear and transparent pricing. Our platform will generate a significant return of investment.

Why You Should Consider Ctrl Hub

We originally developed Ctrl Hub for our own business. We trialled it and tested on our operatives. Trying to implement change among a workforce that has worked in the same way for such a long time was very challenging. But it gave us fantastic experience and insight that we have been able to pass on to numerous clients since then. 

We can help you with your journey.  We know the tricks and easy wins, and we know the pitfalls to avoid.

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Arrange a demo

Contact us today to arrange a demo and learn more about how Ctrl Hub can help transform your business.

Benefits of Ctrl Hub

The nuts and bolts of how we aid your digital transformation.

No fuss, just straightforward benefits that amplify your workflow. Let's break it down so you can see the Ctrl Hub difference in action.


Comprehensive Functionality

Multiple apps worth of functionality, rolled into one simple to use platform. Manage people, fleet, equipment, projects, sites, and more - with full oversight of risk and compliance across your business.


Digitised Processes

Streamline your processes with electronic data capture forms, with customised workflows sitting behind each form, ensuring that data is processed, approved, registered - and transmitted onwards if necessary - in line with your specific business requirements.


Real Time

Live dashboard overview of current risk statuses of people, equipment, fleet and projects/sites. Obtain an instant, real time overview of risk across your business from one screen.


Cost Effective Solution

On average, the cost of using Ctrl Hub equates to between 5% and 25% of the measurable savings that the platform generates - this excludes non-quantifiable savings such as fines or reputational damage.



Through API links, the platform fits in into your existing technology infrastructure, acting as a central hub for multiple data channels, allowing data to be viewed from one place.



Actively and efficiently manage your ISO certifications in conjunction with your every day business activities. Store and manage your policies and procedures, qualifications and training, set up forms and workflows, capture data, then analyse and make improvements.


Ease Of Use

Ctrl Hub was built from the ground up by industry professionals, with field based user experience absolutely key to ensure buy in. It takes less than 20 minutes to train operatives how to use the platform.


Of Data

Ctrl Hub use is based on role based permissions and linked organisations, meaning that users only see what is relevant to their job, and can only perform the tasks / functions which are assigned to them.

Office worker at desk smiling positively using computer software

What our clients and trusted partners say about us...

Office worker at desk smiling positively using computer software



Would like to say a very big thank you to you and all those...
I have been involved with during my involvement with Ctrl Hub. It hasn’t been smooth sailing, but Ctrl Hub have helped with all the problems and queries that we encountered when first using the platform. I hope that this interaction continues going forward.

Northern Gas Networks


The communication from Ctrl Hub is excellent...
We received continuous updates on any ongoing developments. Any queries we have are dealt with quickly and always available for advice.

Network Plus


Within my role as Application Support for Network Plus...
I work directly with teams using Ctrl Hub out in the field every day. The Ctrl Hub team have always been on hand to solve any problem, no matter how big or small, either via phone/email or reporting the problem. They responded promptly, in a way that I / teams could understand which really helped me out in my role, as any minor delay could have a major impact on the works!
Connor Cassidy
Application Support



We had an urgent need to upload some survey documents to Ctrl Hub...
Unfortunately, there was no bulk upload facility to allow this to happen. I’d very much like to thank the Ctrl Hub team for coming to our aid, going above and beyond the Cadent/Ctrl Hub contractual remit, and speedily supporting us with uploading our documents.



I use Ctrl Hub for the majority of my role...
If any issues arise I report the problem and get a response quickly with a fix or an update. The team at Ctrl Hub is always efficient and helpful in assisting with any problems.

G&B Civil Engineering Limited


As managing director of the company, I can now see an overview...
of compliance across the entire organisation - people, fleet, equipment, projects - from one dashboard. My managers have that same view. That is a huge weight off my shoulders, enabling me to clearly focus on the job at hand.
James Riley
Managing Director

Network Plus


We have a constant point of contact who is able to help...
and complete all requests without any hesitation. Requests from my side can be as simple as moving a staff member to undertake large updates of forms and how data is logged. Ctrl Hub has worked fantastically well for the logging of data and has become a fantastic asset to myself and Network Plus for training compliance and the ability to validate that safety is being met.
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Contact us today to arrange a demo and learn more about how Ctrl Hub can help transform your business.