Intuitive and powerful features

Our platform is extremely powerful, with a range of features to suit your business’s requirements.

A modular approach to meet your requirements

Ctrl Hub is modular, which gives it great flexibility and agility. Users see only the information that their role requires them to see – as defined by you, the customer.

Connect your teams and projects

Ctrl Hub provides real time monitoring of operations, teams and projects, all of which are connected automatically through the platform. Data is stored against operatives and projects – instantly accessible whenever needed.



Real time access, customised dashboards, analytics, and smart notifications from the key areas of your business.



Receive live updates on your team and manage their health and wellbeing effectively. Provide online resources and a direct link to support networks.


Risk Alerts

All employees, vehicles and equipment can be assigned and monitored effectively and easily.



Ctrl Hub notifies you when anything requires renewal. Plan and track where your contractors are and be sure that certifications are up to date.


Form Submissions

Ensure your entire workforce, fleet, plant and supply chain are compliant at all times. Gain instant access and bullet proof audit trails.



Remove unnecessary admin burden, efficiently share data instantly across locations, departments and stakeholders.

Speak to an expert

In the same way our platform provides visibility over business operations, the Ctrl Hub team is open and transparent in our communications with our customers. We work closely with customers on an individual basis to provide solutions designed to suit their business needs. Ctrl Hub is dedicated to delivering on the promises made to our customers.

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What is Ctrl Hub?

Ctrl Hub provides reliable, cost effective solutions to the problems faced by its customers – from the mundane daily tasks, to strategic business transformation and integration projects.

What we do

Ctrl Hub is a cloud based, all-in-one management software platform. Connecting field teams, operations, office and senior management in real time, to one hub where control and visibility across your business is one touch away.

Ctrl Hub is modular, which means it can be readily adapted to fit your specific requirements.

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Who we are

Ctrl Hub was born out of frustration with day to day inefficiencies and exposure to risk in the businesses of its founders. Solving problems has always been, and will remain, the core purpose of Ctrl Hub. We strive to provide cost effective, reliable, long term solutions to the issues faced by our clients.

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Why we're different

Ctrl Hub was originally developed by industry professionals for their own businesses. It was designed to address the daily risks, issues and inefficiencies that businesses face.

Ctrl Hub was built from the ground up, with field based operatives instrumental in shaping the interface and ease of use of the platform.

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“Ctrl Hub has revolutionised the way that we work and how we manage our supply chain. The efficiencies it offers are fantastic”

– Sam Mannion, Northern Gas Networks Limited

“I am hugely impressed with the architecture of Ctrl Hub and the speed with which they are capable of delivering complex functionality. An agile, cost effective solution, such as Ctrl Hub, enables fast business change to be delivered quickly and iteratively, without long blueprinting phases and requirements specifications, on a no-regrets basis.”

– David Brocksom, Electricity North West

Complete control is one touch away

Ctrl Hub is a modular software platform, agile and adaptable – designed and developed to match the needs of your business.